Thabat Employment Program

Career Development & Recruitment


Social Development Program that addresses local societies and communities needs, and contributes to social development issues through offering career development and employability skills training, and create a linking bridge with employers in private, semi-government and public sectors aiming to raise awareness, provide job vacancies and linking targeted community segments with employers; as part of developing sustainable and effective social responsibility contributions. As well as enabling individuals to develop their communities and strive for a better life.

"Thabat" Program is focusing on contributing to the unemployment status of large numbers of unemployed people, whom have not had the opportunity to receive proper employment training to create necessary fundamental knowledge and key skills needed to secure a job.

Through “Thabat” Program, we seek to build a bridge between employers and job seekers to develop career development and employability skills training programs, which helps jobseekers to sustain in work, by providing suitable job opportunities in various industries, train and develop jobseekers, and meet Employers needs to hire ready to work professionals.


Relevant to & matching jobseekers qualifications and skills


Focused filtration process to select perfect fits for job vacancies


Enroll filtered candidates to career development training program, tailored to employers & job vacancies needs


Manage, organize & follow up on jobs interviews, meeting employers needs to execute interviews & move to hiring phase


Over the phone or online


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