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Customer pledge:


Thabat Program will help you:

  • Assess your current situation and identify key assistance areas

  • Provide an employment advisory to offer support and guidance when looking for work

  • Offer work preparation workshops

  • Market you to suitable employers

  • Maintain confidentiality about your private information


At Thabat, we know that every jobseeker is different and we will work closely with you to adapt our services to your needs.


What we ask from you:

  • A positive attitude and desire to find employment

  • To believe in yourself

  • To be realistic about which jobs you have the skills and experience to work in

  • To display acceptable office etiquette and behave professionally and courteously

  • To be open and honest about your level of commitment

  • Tell us about any changes that may affect your ability to look for work

  • To attend your appointments and tell us as soon as possible if you can’t attend

  • To let us know when you start work and keep in touch to let us know if you leave work

  • To treat our staff and other clients with courtesy and respect


Initial Contact:

We will contact you within a 2 week period from the date of you receiving an SMS from Thabat Program, in order to book your career development workshop appointment.


Failure to make contact, as in the scenarios below will disqualify you:

  • If the telephone numbers on the client record are not working, and there is no e-mail address provided.

  • If client reschedules, or misses the first appointment, more than twice.


Thabat will inform job seekers about their assignment to a specific location. It is the obligation of the job seekers to show up at the location provided as scheduled or request a reschedule from the Thabat Program Team if needed.


On-Programme Conditionality:

Once you receive a notification about your first appointment in the programme appointment, you are officially enrolled on Thabat Program.


For all trainings and job interviews attendance:

  • We will allow rescheduling a maximum 2 times. The second time a reschedule occurs; a final warning will be issued. If you do not attend, or attempt to reschedule for a 3rd time, the advisor will then raise a compliance doubt.

  • Lateness of more than 30 minutes or leaving early from your trainings will result in raising a compliance doubt.

  • Refusal or failure to attend a job interview, as agreed will result in raising a compliance doubt. You should only interview for jobs where the job falls within the pre-agreed nature of work agreed.

  • In any case of violent, abusive or inappropriate behavior in the office environment, then the programme team has a right to raise a compliance doubt.


For all job offers:

  • Thabat Program will ensure that interviews are scheduled for suitable jobs.

  • If the offer is suitable, refusal of the offer will result in raising a compliance doubt.

  • Not responding to an offer will be treated as if it is refused.

  • Suitable job offer is an offer fulfilling the characteristics below:

    • Salary is suitable for this kind of job

    • Job should be permanent – If job opportunity is temporary, it should be at least anticipated for 12 months

    • Within 50km from job seeker's place of residence

    • 5 days a week with 8 hours of work daily or a working pattern that equates to full time working hours

    • The work environment is safe and suitable for the job seeker, considering:

      • Job seeker's physical condition in case of disability

      • Female specifics – i.e. Not a mixed environment

    • The advisor has to take into consideration the overall profile of the job seeker


Protecting Your Privacy:

We have received your information from Thabat official webpage and this information will be used for the purpose of helping you find suitable work. We may share this with external partners where appropriate; For example, information will be shared with business owners to schedule a job interview, it could also be shared with a training institute which will deliver your training. We will also be producing regular reports to update program official sponsor on your progress on the program.


We aim to provide a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for our clients, staff and partners. If you have any issues you feel we can help with in terms of your physical and/or mental well-being, you can speak to our management privately.

Feedback and Complaints:

To let us know what we are doing well, ask a member of staff for a feedback card. If you have a complaint about the service you are receiving, speak to us and ask for a copy of our complaints form and policy.